Spark and Hadoop Developer Certification - CCA 175 Exam

What we teach you for CCA 175

You need to learn the concepts of MapReduce, Yarn, Pig, Hive, HBase, Sqoop, Flume, Oozie etc. Our training modules in the end equip you with big data projects and real-life case studies. We teach you the basic and core concepts of HDFS and MapReduce framework; understanding the concepts of Hadoop 2.x Architecture; Setting up Hadoop Cluster; Writing of complex MapReduce programs; how to integrate MapReduce; how to implement HBase; implementing processes of advanced usage and indexing; how to schedule jobs on Oozie; implementing and integrating best practices for Hadoop development; understanding the concepts of Spark and its ecosystem; learning to work on RDD in Spark; and how to use Sqoop and Flume for data loading techniques; how to use Pig, Hive and Yarn to perform data analytics; hands-on training on real-life projects on Big Data analytics.

Each CCA question ought to solve particular scenarios. You may use a tool in some of the cases some cases such as Impala or Hive. In some more cases you need to write code. You can write the CCA 175 exam in either Scala or Phyton.

To get through the Spark and Hadoop Developer Certification – CCA 175 Exam you need the required skills to perform data transfer between external systems and your cluster like data ingest, Transform, Stage, Store and Data Analysis.

Data Ingest

  • Import data from a MySQL database into HDFS using Sqoop
  • Export data to a MySQL database from HDFS using Sqoop
  • Change the delimiter and file format of data during import using Sqoop
  • Ingest real-time and near-real time (NRT) streaming data into HDFS using Flume
  • Load data into and out of HDFS using the Hadoop File System (FS) commands

Transform, Stage, Store

Convert a set of data values in a given format stored in HDFS into new data values and/or a new data format and write them into HDFS. This includes writing Spark applications in both Scala and Python (see note above on exam question format for more information on using either Scale or Python):

  • Load data from HDFS and store results back to HDFS using Spark
  • Join disparate datasets together using Spark
  • Calculate aggregate statistics (e.g., average or sum) using Spark
  • Filter data into a smaller dataset using Spark
  • Write a query that produces ranked or sorted data using Spark

Data Analysis

  • Use Data Definition Language (DDL) to create tables in Hive
  • Create tables in the Hive metastore for use by Hive and Impala
  • Read and/or create a table in the Hive metastore in a given schema
  • Extract an Avro schema from a set of datafiles using avro-tools
  • Create a table in the Hive metastore using the Avro file format
  • Create a table in the Hive metastore an external schema file
  • Improve query performance
  • Create partitioned tables in the Hive metastore
  • Evolve an Avro schema by changing JSON files
  • Get set and study hard. Follow the syllabi. Go through our training materials, study guides, CCA 175 exam dumps, and read other additional relevant materials and pass with guarantee the Spark and Hadoop Developer Certification - CCA175 Exam.

Training for Spark and Hadoop Developer Certification - CCA 175 Exam

We have helped hundreds and thousands of Big Data professionals across the world to acquire Hadoop developer certification with guaranteed pass in CCA 175 exam. We provide 24x7 support during the training period with class recordings, live-instructor led classroom sessions, lab sessions, practicing user-case studies. We also impart knowledge on Apache Spark for distributed processing. Our Hadoop developer certification training is so designed that you will get through the CCA 175 exam with pass guarantee.

We have developed the course structure for Spark and Hadoop Developer Certification - CCA 175 Exam structured it in a way that you will find it easy for getting through the exam with a guaranteed pass.

Our offline and online classroom sessions takes care of your training. You will be provided instructor-led classroom sessions with live interaction with them. We will also provide you the brainstorming sessions with industry experts and core Hadoop Big Data professionals, whose skills as Hadoop Developers are unmatched in the industry. Our uni-focal study materials, study guides, project notes, and additional study materials and relevant videos as suggested by us will help you a great deal in passing the exam with pass guarantee in Hyderabad. Become a skilled Spark and Hadoop Developer Certification through our extensive training methodologies, which come with pass guarantee in Hyderabad.

Prerequisites for CCA 175

This course is open for people already working in software developers; mainframe professionals; analytics professionals; all project managers; testing professionals; Business Intelligence professionals; all graduates who are interested in building a career in Hadoop Big Data. People having basic knowledge in Core Java, SQL is an added advantage. People do not have the basic knowledge of Java and SQL need not worry. We teach them and train them to become expert Java and SQL professionals as well. The projects you will be undertaken with us for your Hadoop Developer Certification programs shall be in the financial sector, retail sector, media, aviation, and other industrial sectors etc.

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